About Us

Engaged Leadership Consulting


Engaged Leadership Consulting was created with a goal to help small and mid-sized growing companies successfully scale. The founder, Elizabeth Lynch, spent a decade helping one of North East Ohio’s fastest growing companies grow from the inside. She found that focusing on engagement of every level in the organization is what set the organization up for the large growth seen. Now, Engaged Leadership Consulting helps companies engage their entire team through strategic planning, executive coaching, manager training, and workforce empowerment.

About the Founder: Elizabeth Lynch


Elizabeth has a Bachelor’s in Psychology from Miami University, and an Executive MBA from Case Western Reserve Weatherhead School of Management. She has focused her career in leadership development and strategic planning. Prior to creating Engaged Leadership Consulting, she was the VP of Leadership Development for one of Northeast Ohio’s Fastest growing companies. Through her tenure she helped lead company strategic planning, manager and employee development, and employee engagement. She also is a Certified Accountability, Strategy, and Assessment coach from Master Coach University and has been helping executives succeed for over a decade.